Brochure & Editorial Design

Brining an uplifting voice to infertility treatment

The Brief
Wijnland Fertility Clinic is one of the leading fertility clinics in South Africa. The clinic differentiates itself by being first and foremost patient focussed, and offering a holistic approach to their treatments – focussing not just on the medical aspects, but also on their patients’ mental and emotional well being. In an industry where there can be so much hopelessness and despair, paired to clinical and medical jargon, Wijnland wanted to create a series of educational brochures that focussed not just on educating their patients, but also on uplifting them, and even putting a smile on their faces.  

The Solve
Drawing on the trend of adult cartoons like South Park and Rick and Morty, we created a set of animated characters that each had their own infertility story, and used them as the stars in a series of brochures that tackled some of the common questions asked by patients, in humorous, tongue-in-cheek manner. The brochures offered both education, and entertainment value. We intentionally broke away from the typical, sterile feel of many medical editorial styles and instead created pieces that were colourful, friendly and optimistic, while still conveying all the key information through the copy.


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