Campaign design & Social Media Content 

An Energetic Campaign designed to up-skill our local artists

The Brief
Each year, Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) host a set of workshops called their ‘Scale Up’ workshops which give artists and creatives necessary tools and skills needed to be able to make a living from their craft. The workshops run in four parts, each with a unique focus. We were tasked to create a unique, youthful look for the 2019 workshops, and accompanying social media content to promote the workshops. 

The Solve
Scale Up is all about moving artists up and empowering them. To communicate this message, we drew inspiration from Ndebele designs and patterns, and combined them with graphic modern arrows to create a dynamic graphic system. Out of this triage system we created four icons – one for each workshop – and an overall graphic that represented the whole 2019 series.


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