Branding and logo design

A bold and powerful brand, empowering women in business

The Brief
Great Expectations is a Maternity Coaching programme that supports women before, during and after maternity leave, assisting them in to managing this important transition in the context of their professional lives. We were asked to help reposition the brand in a way that it spoke to strong, young professional women as well as offering clear benefits to corporates. 

The Solve
We positioned Great Expectations to reflect the women that they coached: women that were strong, driven, knew what they wanted in life and believed they can be both mothers and successful in their careers. We used an arrow device to represent the potential to keep moving up in your career, as well as representing a compass – the guidance offered by Great Expectations with their coaching. The colours, fonts and photography are all bold, strong and direct – again reflecting the idea of a powerful, engaged, successful female.


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