Campaign & Social Media

Supporting a cause and standing out

The Brief
Wijnland Fertility Clinic is one of the leading fertility clinics in South Africa. Each year, Wijnland supports Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. For 2019, the clinic decided to an activation campaign to raise money for Pink Drive. We were tasked with designing t-shirts that could be sold at the clinic to raise awareness, and funds, for Breast Cancer.   

The Solve
We employed the help of Carvel Illustration, to create a set of t-shirts that would be both empowering and act as ‘conversation starters’ which could be sold online and at the clinic. One of the most tragic parts of being diagnosed with cancer is having to have a mastectomy. We wanted to offer an empowering message around still being a women, despite the battles your body has gone through, which lead to our first t-shrit design ‘Still Beautiful’. The second concept was simply to honour breasts and all they represent – the result was a collage of all the different types of boobies out there – titled ‘All the lovely ladies’.


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